Workforce Training Fund Express Program

Massachusetts companies are eligible for free training funds

Massachusetts Training Funds
Now is the time to use employee training to increase results in an improving, but still sluggish economy. For Massachusetts businesses with under 100 employees, in a time of tight labor markets and increased competition, it is more important than ever that every employee contributes at the highest level.

In response to this challenge, Massachusetts Labor and Workforce Development is helping businesses by continuing its Workforce Training Fund Express Program.

The program offers 50 percent reimbursement to companies that select training programs from an approved list. Total grant amounts may not exceed $30,000 annually per company and there is a maximum of $3,000 of grant money used per employee per course. The program is also restricted to Massachusetts companies with 100 or fewer employees.

Dube Consulting is an approved trainer for GROWTHco, a division of BLEVNU, Inc. This is a local training and development company that has been selected as an approved training provider under the program. Working collaboratively with GROWTHco’s President, James P. Desrosiers, we are enthusiastic about partnering with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to help local companies.

“This is especially important for small-to mid-sized business owners, managers, and employees because budgets are still limited and time is a precious commodity.”

GROWTHco has several programs approved by DCS.  The most popular program is GAP (Goal Achievement Program), a goal setting / time management program that connects employees’ daily activities directly to bottom line profits and the organization’s mission statement. Another program, ESP (Elite Sales Program), makes a science out of sales. The ultimate sales process and best practices from prospecting to closing are created with staff and codified throughout the company. There are also programs available in the topics of Executive Coaching, Effective Communications, Team Building, Negotiation Skills, Customer Service Excellence, HR New Employee Orientation, and Leadership & Supervisor Skills.

“When it comes to employee training, companies are always concerned about two things - money and time,” says Desrosiers. “Our programs are goals-based. Participants uncover an average of two hours per day per person to reassign to high priority behaviors that provide an immediate increase in sales, productivity, results, and profit. The training pays for itself, guaranteed, and creates the time we need to achieve our goals.

"According to a study by Harvard Business School, the top 10 percent of small businesses provide three times more hours of employee training, as compared to the bottom 10 percent. In short, employee training can drive business growth."

We are excited to partner with GROWTHco and offer our small and mid-size business owners the opportunity to take advantage of training and put their workforce development funds to use. Both Desrosiers and I are looking forward to working with your business. Contact us now.

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Nancy is an excellent trainer for LinkedIn. She has presented so many tools and options for optimizing the capabilities of LinkedIn. I’ve experienced so many AH HA moments! At each session, I learn things that I can apply immediately for my business. LinkedIn is one of the social media applications taught in the excellent course… “Ingrassia”

Barbara Ingrassia, Certified Copyright Manager

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