If you are looking for an HR dynamo Nancy Dube is your person. I find Nancy to be a person of great vision and talent. She has the ability of a great strategic thinker and offers her clients insightful assistance in providing solutions to the complex issues of today. Nancy is also a LINKEDIN GURU! The proof is in the pudding so to speak. Check out my LINKEDIN profile - I owe it all to Nancy!

Dr. Raymond Guillette, Dean

The Second Chance Group

Nancy knows her stuff when it comes to LinkedIn! She has been working with this application since it’s inception in 2003 and understands its power for getting you what you are looking for. She is very well connected! If you are looking for a job, a connection, or to take one of her classes so that you can learn about LinkedIn too, I would contact her.

Carol Briggs-Donovan

Image Boosters

Nancy is an excellent trainer for LinkedIn. She has presented so many tools and options for optimizing the capabilities of LinkedIn. I've experienced so many AH HA moments! At each session, I learn things that I can apply immediately for my business. LinkedIn is one of the social media applications taught in the excellent course at Communicate Full Circle.

Barbara Ingrassia, Certified Copyright Manager

The Motivact Group

Nancy helped me refine my resume, cover letter, and interview skills. Great perspective coming from an experienced corporate recruiter.

Ryan Cournoyer, Mergers & Acquisition Analyst Intern

NewGate Capital Partners

Nancy has been hired by me, as well as many family members for human resource services, resumes and her LinkedIn expertise. Nancy is a wealth of knowledge in these areas, as well as very professional. Her attention to detail is impressive! Lastly, Nancy is very reliable and a woman of her word. I'd hire her again in a heartbeat!

Dr. Karen Way, DC, FIACA

Holistic Chiropractic Physician and Certified Homeopath specializing in nutrition

Thank you Nancy for all your valuable help and advice towards my recent job search. The resume and cover letter you created for me are exactly what I needed to standout in today’s job market. Also the interview preparation session we had was immensely helpful. I was able to answer every question they threw at me. So thank you again for all your hard work helping me in transition. I highly recommend your services to others.

David Gorham, Graphic Designer


Nancy is a very gifted and accomplished professional. I had the pleasure of meeting her last year when I attended a few of the seminars and forums she was giving. I have the highest regard for Nancy. I learned so much from her seminars that I was able to take what I learned from her and apply it to my business immediately. I am very pleased to share that my business has has grown because of what she taught me in everyone of her seminars.

She is extremely knowledgeable and has the ability to give not only a four star presentation, but, also be able to articulate to every person in the room regardless of their knowledge base.  I went into her seminars as a novice and came out feeling better equipped as a business professional. Nancy is a wonderful educator and extremely talented trainer. I can guarantee that Nancy is the best at what she does."

Susan Cunniff

Fundraising, Events & Community Development Consultant

Nancy and I meet every so often and when we do, I learn such valuable things about social media and human resources. She's extremely talented and knowledgeable in both areas. If you haven't met Nancy yet, you should. You'll walk away smarter and be able to add value to your business and/or career.

Pamela Richard

Entrepreneur - Image Consultant & Wellness Coach

Charter Business hired Nancy to present at a Lunch and Learn Seminar held at the Worcester Chamber, A great decision! Nancy is an engaging speaker! I was very impressed on how she made everyone in the room feel important. The presentation was very interactive and educational. I came out of it with additional knowledge of LinkedIn, that I know will help my business grow.

Bill Gonzalez

Business Account Executive

I have known Nancy for several years and throughout that time she has been a valuable mentor, peer and networker. First meeting Nancy I was immediately welcomed by her warm and positive personality. She has been a wonderful resource for me and continually supports me in my professional endeavors.

Her experience and patience has thrilled clients and makes Nancy the go-to person.

Alicia Lauren Williams

Aliste: Internet Marketing Simplified

We are a small growing company that needed help refining our Human Resource Department. Nancy has been extremely helpful in putting together our first company handbook, from scratch. Nancy has given us great advice on employee relations issues, hiring staff, the performance review process and beyond. Nancy Dube is very professional and a joy to know and to work with.

Jim Donlevy, Owner

The Stone Cobblers

I attended two of Nancy's LinkedIn workshops. They were amazing. Nancy was able to explain LinkedIn and how it worked in a way that I could understand. Not only that, but at the second workshop we brought our laptops and with Nancy's guidance I was able to start building my LinkedIn profile right then and there. I have since added items to my profile using my notes from the workshop. Nancy took a topic that seemed overwhelming to me and taught it in a way that I could understand!!

Leslie Ackles

Oasis Coach, Workshop & Retreat Leader and Concord Dream Factory Leader

Nancy has an excellent knowledge of LinkedIn and I would highly recommend her classes. She's very personable and brings 9 years of LinkedIn experience to the table. You will have a much better understanding of how to apply LinkedIn to your business after attending a class of hers!

Sue Breen-Landry

Independent Marketing Executive, Melaleuca, The Wellness Company

Nancy is a business expert who supports people in connecting with resources, opportunities, and people, that they need to succeed. Her knowledge and teaching skills made her a great workshop leader for my entrepreneurial clients.

In a recent LinkedIn for Business Owners workshop, Nancy helped my clients understand and utilize this powerful tool. Because of the great turnout and feedback, we have booked her for two more workshops. If you need an HR expert for your business or your clients, I highly recommend Nancy Dube.

Nancy Cantor

Cantor Consulting and Professional Training & Coaching Consultant

Nancy taught a class on how to use LinkedIn as an outlet for generating interest for a business I had started. I never knew I could use LinkedIn to generate interest in my business until I took this class with Nancy. It was a great experience and I learned a lot. Nancy takes the time to explain concepts and make them understandable and comprehensible. She also lends great ideas on how to improve your business model.

Timothy B. Hardy, EA

Experienced Tax Preparer in Individual Taxation

Nancy created an excellent Professional Resume for me. She performed an extensive interview of me to help her gain a clear understanding of my professional experience in the Banking Industry. She delivered a fantastic analysis of my extensive knowledge, valuable characteristic traits, and my passion to deliver quality service. Nancy is extremely dedicated to her clients and has a genuine eagerness to help others succeed.
If you are sending out resumes and not receiving any response, I highly recommend that you use Nancy Dube to write your resume. She will help you stand out from the competition.

Maryann Tivnan

Independent Beauty Consultant at Mary Kay

I worked with Nancy in delivering an HR forum to our membership. She was professional, knowledgeable and thorough in the subject matter and delivery of the product. She is conscientious of our challenges and helpful in delivering solutions and providing assistance beyond expectations.

Cindy Skowyra

Director of Programs & Events at Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce

Nancy is great at what she does. She is a true professional who know HR and can assist any organization (small or large) in navigation the complex law and regulation of HR policies and manuals. No job is too big and no project is too small. She can be your leader in HR and the watchdog for the HR staff.

Micha Shalev MHA

Owner of Dodge Park Rest Home

Nancy wrote our employee handbook and consulted on the development of our procedure manuals, she had the knowledge and insight needed to help us complete these projects to better my company. She was also a pleasure to work with.

Jon Dooley, Owner / Physical Therapist

Greendale Physical Therapy

Nancy is someone you can trust to work with your clients and their families. My client's daughter needed a resume and I would only refer my client to someone who would do a GREAT resume and would be kind and considerate while working with this young lady. Nancy keep me in the loop throughout the engagement. My client was very happy with the results as was his daughter - a win all around. Thank you for your professionalism, Nancy!

Rita Coco

True Business Ownership Consultant

I hired Nancy to update my resume. She did a fantastic job. She took a five page resume and condensed and reformatted it to two pages. The result was a sharp, concise resume reflecting my work history and career achievements. With her experience in HR she knows what HR departments look for in a resume and how to present your work history to set you apart from the from the competition. I highly recommend Nancy's services.

Sharon McLaughlin

Experienced College Planner

Nancy is a real pro at her work. I hired her to re-write and update resumes for both myself and my husband. Her challenge was to take years of expertise from two completely different career paths for my husband, and to clarify and highlight my professional development. The results were excellent. The entire process serves as a means of putting yourself back on your own track, and is much more than a simple resume writing experience. Nancy is persistent, clear and articulate, and keeps the whole process moving smoothly to a timely final result.

Nancy is also a terrific coach. The result of her work with my husband on his interviewing skills was an update and overhaul in the way he both views and presents himself professionally. Her services are a worthwhile investment in moving forward toward your next professional goal!'

Deborah Strafuss

Owner at Crystal Reiki

Nancy, has shown to me, on many occasions, that she is a true professional. She is very focused and when it come to a task she always gives her clients 100% of herself. I have referred her to many people and they have had nothing but high remakes for her work and work ethics. She has my highest of recommendation to anyone that wishes to do business with her.

Steve Senosk

Print and Promotional Product Sales

I was impressed by Nancy's energy, her optimism, and her great intuition about what was happening in the company's workforce. I would recommend her highly for a senior HR position, and would gladly work with her again.

Bruce Taylor

Owner of Rocket Science Consulting

Nancy's knowledge in her field, ability to produce results, and commitment to excellence put her head and shoulders above others with similar backgrounds. She is a valued colleague.

Tom Ingrassia

President at The MotivAct Group

I have had the pleasure of knowing Nancy since we attended class together at Assumption for our SHRM certification as well as through recent business networking. Nancy is a professional and dedicated individual whose drive and intelligence has delivered her to her current role. Her business experience and personality make her an excellent resource for anyone in need of HR support. I would highly recommend her to any client of mine.

Dianne Labonte, Regional Sales Manager

HW Staffing Solutions

My relationship with Nancy started as we met to discuss her potential involvement in a business venture. I ended up completing a 16 week course Communicate Full Circle.com, that both Nancy and her partner Michelle Fontaine created and taught.

Nancy is experienced and knowledgeable in regards to LinkedIn and has an extensive network. The knowledge that I have gained from Nancy is already being applied from a personal and business standpoint. I know Nancy is an experienced Human Resource professional, even though I have not utilized her in that area yet, I feel comfortable doing so, if the circumstance was to arise. Nancy was willing to take time outside of class to answer any questions via a LinkedIn group that was set up during the course. Nancy has increased my understanding of LinkedIn dramatically and I recommend that you utilize her expertise to increase your knowledge as well.

Ron Bomm, Managing Partner

aBeansTalk Social

I had the pleasure of working with Nancy during a period UMASS MMC Radiology group retained our services. I found Nancy to be a bright, articulate, well informed, and savvy partner in the recruiting process. As is often the case there are hurdles to be cleared when working with a large facility and Nancy was able to assist us in navigating the way to a positive result. Nancy was always pleasant and professional and I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again!

Greg Caldwell

Navin Haffty & Associates