LinkedIn Training will produce results for Sales People and Business Owners.

LinkedIn, training will produce results.   If you are a business owner or development person, an account manager, or in sales, I will show you how LinkedIn Training will produce results for your organization.  By clarifying each of these 20 benefits, together will focus on finding new customers:

  1. Identify the right customers or prospects by finding their profile
  2. Receive referrals to prospects via LinkedIn introductions
  3. Collect referrals from other departments at current customers thro introduction and or LinkedIn Inmail
  4. Before Linkedin, we could not see the relationships between customers, prospects and other contacts, but now we can see the connections by viewing profiles
  5. Stop repetitive calls to the same prospects by discovering the relationships between colleagues, co-workers from the same or different departments
  6. Reading a personal profile provides information about the prospect or customer to alleviate cold calling
  7. Maintain relationships by participating in groups and answering questions as an expert
  8. Increase visibility and personal branding by receiving recognition from Google, other search engines and by answering questions
  9. Serve as the expert contributing answers in discussion groups; Providing subject matter expertise
  10. Word-of-mouth travels quickly – obtain recommendations and tell people outside your business that you know the answers
  11. Obtain recommendations which are written by others and cannot be modified; These testimonials add credence to your visibility
  12. Find the right groups via member of your network or online profiles
  13. Discuss trends in the marketplace in groups of peers and with your customers
  14. When someone changes jobs you know right away through network updates; Perhaps you can be their new supplier of goods or services
  15.  Through network updates, you will be notified when a customer links with a representative from your competition leading you to reach out again
  16. Find collaborators or joint venture partners by creating top-of-mind awareness,
  17. Search for passive candidates to easily identify people who are working in the same or similar capacities
  18. Recognize a look a like audience through targeting and geographical search campaigns
  19. Reduce the cost-per-hire through job search posting and recruiting
  20. Recognize a pool of over 400 million contacts and save money on outdated list purchased through third-parties

Are you receiving requests to connect?  Perhaps you you are unsure how to respond to these connections.  What are the advantages?

I offer one-to-one training, workshops, and on-site training to produce results, on the following:

  • how to unlock a network of connection to increase your business
  • discover how to enhance features to look more professional 
  • understand how to optimize your profile for SEO/Google
  • learn how to use other people’s connections to leverage opportunities
  • find out about groups and advanced applications
  • navigate security settings
  • understand the differences between personal and company pages

Making an impression with your LinkedIn profile

  • What information to include in your profile to get noticed and optimized
  • Customizing your account and settings
  • How to make connections with people
  • “What to post, where, when & how often,” to give your business greater visibility

LinkedIn for Job Search to produce results

Finding a job in any economy is difficult.  You need to pull out all the stops!  Learn how to use LinkedIn training to get noticed by Hiring Managers.

LinkedIn for Recruiters to produce results

Need help identifying “A” Players?  LinkedIn training is an outstanding tool for targeting candidates of choice.  I will show you how to effectively use this to search, contact and hire quality candidates and also reach passive candidates.

Get your questions answered

I have been using LinkedIn since 2005.  I took additional training from LinkedIn coaches worldwide. I have taught workshops, classes for schools, presented to Chamber’s of Commerce, Businesses, and Community-Based Organizations. To discuss how I may provide these services for you, contact me now.