Labor Law & Compliance

Labor Law & Compliance

Labor laws are of great importance because they offer protections to both the employee and employer. Compliance with these laws offers benefits to society, both on the interpersonal and financial levels. Labor laws were created to provide right and responsibilities to workers.

Alphabet Soup of Labor Laws includes Title VII, ADEA,ADA, FLSA, WARN, OSHA, NLRA and many, many more….

From the late 1700’s to early 1800’s production and the manufacturing process had a major influence on employees and labor relations.  People rallied together and formed unions which presented issues of fairness, perception of substandard conditions and how a company responded to these issue. This was the beginning of labor law and compliance as we know it today.

Is your business compliant with today’s labor laws?

Keeping up with the changes to labor laws and compliance over the years is a daunting and impossible task.  From the early unions to the laws which we have today for preventing discrimination to the common law or employment-at-will, organizations have been faced with compliance.  The failure to comply to labor laws and develop policies, procedures and implement these processes fairly is required by each company.  It does not mater if you have 15 employees or 15,000 employees, you must comply.  The laws are not the same for smaller companies.  Do you know where they change and how they are applied to your organization?  HR outsourcing will provide you direction, guidance, and help to prevent you from paying exorbitant fines.

Are you prepared for drop-in visits from Government officials?