Should I Use Craigslist to Hire ?

I often receive calls asking me, “can help the employer to hire a quality person?”  Before I say yes, I typically ask a few questions”

  1.  What sources have you already tried?
  2. What type of position are you trying to fill?
  3. Do you have a budget to do this?

Inevitabley I hear – Well I posted the job on C-R-A-I-G-S-L-I-S-T!!!!   I did did not get a quality response!

I am looking for a part-time administrative assistant, but the quality of resumes I have received  is poor.  The candidates can’t put a resume together properly.  They can’t spell or compose a cover letter.  I need someone who can use MS Office proficiently and at least be be able to compose a letter acurately.  Hmm…

OK – So you get what you pay for.  C-R-A-I-G-S-L-I-S-T is FREE or CHEAP.  What do you expect?  If you are buying or selling an item, I would recommend C-R-A-I-G-S-L-I-S-T.  When seeking a quality candidate the would not be my choice.  As an expereinced HR professional, I know the value of finding the right fit.  I then ask:

  1. How long can you afford to be without someone in that role?
  2. What is it costing you in terms of lost busineess?
  3.  How many hours do you really need?
  4. Do you have a written job description?
  5. Are you sure you need someone on your payroll?
  6. Is this a solo employee or someone who has to fit the team?

Gee – I never considered those factors. You have given me something to think about.  What do you recommend?  How much will it cost me?

If you are facing this dilemna, I suggest you first consider my questions above.  When you know the answers, it will help you to find the right employee.  Every situation is different.  The process is not complicated, but you need the EXPERIENCE to follow a process and efficiently use your time.

Would you make more money doing what you do best?  Running your business.

Tell me what steps you take to hire a new employee?  What resources do you use?  How successful are you with the process?  Do you need help?

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