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Employee Handbook — YES or No?

An employee handbook is written with employees as the intended audience. It is most often written using a layout for easy referencing of company policies and procedures and is a tool for familiarizing employees with basic company policies and benefit programs, as well as the general expectations of the company, including what is acceptable and unacceptable […]

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Seminar Series for Business Owners

Dube Consulting in conjunction with First Beacon Business Advisory Group offers a seminar series.  Please accept my personal invitation to business owners who work with Dube Consulting to attend the First Beacon seminar series that covers topics important to the success of a small business.  These seminars are of no cost to you – but a […]

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Credit to Anna Shultz

Dress Code – Summer No No’s

It’s approaching summertime, and many companies allow workers to dress more casually without a dress code.  This means it is time to re-visit your dress code policies. The hot weather forces employees to wear inappropriate attire in the workplace.  Most employees simply don’t know what is or is not appropriate.  Let me shed some light on […]

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Top 5 HR Risks: What Can You Do About Them?

Top 5 HR Risks: What Can You Do About Them? If you lose a key employee what impact will it have on your business? We all have some employees we consider mission critical while others are more easily replaced; losing either type of employee can expose your company in one of several risk categories of […]

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Harassment: How To Stop It Before It Starts

Managers assume that harassment is no big deal for their employees.  Do you really know if harassment is an issue for your employees? Have you asked them? According to a recent survey, 48% of U.S. employees have either experienced or witnessed “abusive conduct” at work (27% have suffered abusive conduct at work; another 21% have […]

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How Do You Handle Attendance Problems?

Are you challenged with attendance problems? It is Thursday afternoon and I receive a call from an Employer.  My employee came in late and I know it.  (Me) How are you so sure? (ER) I saw them walk in past  their scheduled time.  (Me) Did they punch in?  (ER) I will have to check. (Me) […]

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Is it Really Harassment?

  Harassment: Can you recognize it? It is often difficult to recognize a hostile work environment or harassment in the workplace.  Do you know if the offensive conduct has “crossed the line?”  The individual facts of each case determine if this inappropriate behavior is unlawful harassment.  One factor to consider is the “reasonable sensibilities” of […]

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Employee Handbook

Is the Employee Handbook like Spring Cleaning?

Open the windows and let the fresh air in! Spring is here to stay! Open your employee handbook and see what is missing. “One size does not fit all” when it comes to an employee handbook. Changes to federal and state employment laws make updating the employee handbook even more critical. I hate cleaning windows, […]

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Employment records

Should You Combine Employment Records?

  Should you combine employment records? As a business owner or HR professional caring for employee files always presents questions.  I will provide some guidance on caring for said employment records.  The confidential nature of information contained in the employees file continues to exist after an employee is terminated. When an employee is terminated the employer-employee […]

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