Drinking at Work

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“Drinking at Work” is a Big No, No! Drinking at work is a Big NO, NO, says Nancy Dube of Dube Consulting in MA. A Human Resources Outsourcing Company that can assist your business growth! Did you find someone drinking at work? I received a call from a company, similar to yours, asking me what to …

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Are Your Unpaid Internship Legal?


Hello, Summer!  College students are now reaching out for Summer internships. You might want free labor.  But… Are your unpaid internships legal? Your interns may be eligible for benefits regardless of their pay status.  Each state has different regulations.  If you are not up to speed on the laws surrounding internships, we highly encourage you to pay …

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10 Tips to Find the Right Employee

Where can I find the right employee? As an experienced Human Resource Consultant, I can find the right employee. I have sourced, recruited, interviewed and hired for many companies, large and small. I have also conducted numerous retained searches. There is no one method to find the right employees. Understanding the process and implementing essentials is …

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5 Tips for Handling Employee Problems

It’s happening again!  You are faced with employee problems, in the workplace. The problem is effecting your business operations and can not be ignored.  The problem will affect other employees and disrupt work from being completed. So it’s your job to address this problem – You must be the owner, manager or supervisor.  What should you do?  …

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MINIMIZE LIABILITY FOR YOUR HOLIDAY PARTIES!   MINIMIZE LIABILITY — ARE YOU AT RISK? Minimize Liability — Will you be civilly liable for negligent acts taking place within the scope of employment? Minimize Liability — Will you be confronted with a harassment, discrimination, or retaliation violations? Minimize Liability — As a small business owner you …


Overtime Regulations & Compliance

Overtime regulations remain a mystery to so many business owners. Determining who’s in, who’s out by exemptions and pay rate requires a lot more than guesswork to control the major impact on your business and labor costs. Most companies affected by these changes will make significantly more workers eligible for overtime. On May 18, 2016, the United …

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